Montessori Teacher Training Academy (MTTA)
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About us

Montessori Teacher Training Academy  is organization established to help to meet the growing demand for Montessori Teachers in India. our programs aim to prepare teachers in assisting children in the development of the human mind through academics and aesthetic study, and the development of social skills in preparation for their roles in society.Our training  helps the teachers, parents and all those who are interested in the development of young children to educate them in the Montessori method..

 There has been tremendous growth of the Montessori movement in recent years, which has led to an unprecedented demand for certified Montessori teachers. The Center’s primary purpose is to promote Montessori education based on the scientific discoveries of child development as developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.  The career outlook for Montessori teachers is excellent. There are currently more positions available than can be filled.


The mission of the Montessori Training Center is to provide an enriching Montessori training that will inspire teachers to successfully educate children using the principles and practices of the Montessori Method.

Our Purpose

  1. To meet the increasing demand for Montessori Trained Teachers.
  2. To give importance to Montessori Method of teaching with out losing the essence of the sprit of education.
  3. To  develop training centers across Karnataka.
  4. To conduct seminar, debate, discussion to make the public awareness about Montessori method .
  5. To conduct research in Montessori method of teaching .
  6. To revise the syllabus and making study materials in accordance with requirements.
  7. To keep all information relating Montessori and disseminate it to the public